Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year with A New Start

The other day at the grocery store, I found the most amazing magazine.  It's called "FIRST".  Every single article is very informative or interesting or something I didn't know. I am an avid coupon clipper, I'm always looking for a great deal or ways to save on time or money. Here are a few things I found rather useful from this magazine. 

Did you know you can save those condiment packets from the fast food restaurants, ie: ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayo, etc and keep them in the freezer for bruises or burns you get in the kitchen?  Fast, convenient and easy to just grab and use. 
Or a sure cure for the hiccups is peanut butter.  The effort it takes to remove the sticky peanut butter from the roof of your mouth interupts your breathing pattern, thus putting a stop to those stubborn hiccups.
One more, did you know that cutting out milk in your diet may help ease nasal congestion?

There is a great article about rev'ing up your defenses against winter germs with these.  Candied ginger powers up white blood cells, Kiwi battles bacterial infections, pink grapefruit speeds recovery time by 3 days, sweet potatoes fortify your lungs, or that blue cheese can jump-start your immune system and cut your risk of illness by 24%.  On top of all these great findings, they also post many healthy recipes. All these great ideas in just on magazine.  I will definitely be buying a full year's subscription to this one.